Monday, August 24, 2009

QB Battles

Today we'll talk about some teams that are up in the air with their QB decisions......

Cleveland Browns

Brady Quinn vs. Derek Anderson

I understand The Browns are in a tough spot here, but I think it may be time just to hand the job over to Quinn. He has been held in such high praise, it's about time you let him earn it. If I'm not mistaken the Browns rebuffed a very tantalizing offer from the Vikings for Quinn (2 first round picks I believe). Do you leave someone with supposedly all that potential sitting on the bench? It's not like he is a rookie anymore. I need to start seeing some Brady Quinn football highlights rather than Brady Quinn wedding photos.

Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford vs. Daunte Culpepper

I think this is an easy call, Stafford all the way. The Lions are coming off a winless season - it cannot get any worse than that! Give the ball to the rook and let him have his ups and downs. Worse comes to worse he can throw it as far as he can and let Calvin Johnson go after it. It's sad to say, but a 1-win season still beats last year!

New York Jets

Mark Sanchez vs. Kellen Clemens

Once again I am siding with the rookie here. This time for different reasons. I just think Sanchez is better than Clemens right now. No, it's not because of his first career pass - it's because I just don't think Clemens is all that good. Can you honestly say Clemens can deliver more wins for the Jets? No, and if you do, you were probably an Oregon teammate of his or a fellow cattle rancher!


  1. Rich, no mention of the Bucs? I read on NFP yesterday that Morris still hasn't named Leftwich or McCown the starter there either. They wondered what he's waiting for and I have to agree. Get that stability in place, and pick one or the other until Freeman is ready (which may not be this year). Who's your pick there? For me, it's Leftwich. Strong arm and apparently commands ridiculous respect in the huddle and the locker room (not Shiancoe style).

  2. Hey Mike,
    I didnt make mention of TB b/c I recently read an article from the St. Petersburg Times saying that Leftwich was pretty much the choice.

    I agree with you, let Leftwich be the bridge til Freeman is ready.